Public Financing

Thank you for your interest in getting involved in our grassroots driven campaign!

My Publicly Financed Campaign

I am running as a publicly financed candidate, which is a clean-election program I support.

This program is meant to reduce the influence of outside special interests and increase the amount of time a candidate can spend with voters, rather than raising campaign funds.

When I qualify—by collecting at least 433 valid $5 contributions from registered voters in District 2—I will use the allowable public funding to finance my campaign.

New this year you can contribute your $5 online.
(You must use your personal funds and be a District 2 voter.)

Public Financing Basics

In order to support my public finance effort and get me on the ballot —by contributing $5 and signing my petition—you must be registered to vote in District 2. To check whether you are registered to vote in District 2, go here. See our District map here.

See our “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) re’ Public Financing and Petitions.”

See our “Basics for Making a $5 Contribution Online.”

Public Financing Graphic.png